Letter of Love

imageToday, I received a letter of love.

It wasn’t from my modest husband,
a former lover,
or a secret crush.
It wasn’t from my dedicated parents,
a close relative,
or a longtime friend.
It wasn’t from a grateful patient,
an admiring colleague,
or an overzealous employer.

Today, I received a letter of love.

It wasn’t written on expensive stationary,
in elegant penmanship,
or with perfect grammar.
It wasn’t delivered by messenger,
on scented parchment,
or sealed with wax.

It didn’t rhyme. It didn’t flow.
It made my heart swell. It made my breath catch.

Words thanking me for “sharing your love of life”,
for “telling me you are proud”,
and for “being there”.

After reading it, I said to my husband,
“…but I’ve never treated him any different than I do anyone else.”
To which my husband replied,

Today, I received a letter of love
and in that letter, a young man I just recently met
called me, “Mom.”


New Year. oLD tRADITION.

imageFirst day of 2014.
I suppose the expectation of New Years Day is that it’s a fresh start…a shiny new beginning…tabula rasa.
After all, they say whatever you do on New Years Day will set the pace for how you spend the rest of the year.
So instead of exploring the original and unearthed; we decided to keep with tradition instead.
For several consecutive years now, we have attended one of the New Year college bowl games. A perk of living in an alleged “big city” with a local NFL team, is having a stadium a short distance away, that serves as a venue for other such “big events”.
Not that I’m a huge sports fan, but after attending our very first bowl game I must admit to having been enchanted with the fanfare, parades, and general excitement of the game. Not to mention the added benefit of not having a vested interest in which team leaves the field a victor or a disappointment.
So once again; weather uncooperative, without being entirely sure which team wore which colors, I braved the crowds and cheered or booed for whoever seemed to need it most at the given moment. Then we spent the remaining afternoon laying lazily on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep, and browsing news stories on the web.
Not a particularly thrilling first day of the year. No glitz or glam with which to strike the match of the next 364 days to follow.
Yet I find comfort in exactly this.
We spent the day just being us.
We started the year doing what we find comfort most in doing.
We participated, side by side, in watching the pulsing crowd live life in anticipation, excitement, and good cheer.
What better way to spend today, and all the upcoming tomorrows of this new year.
It is in this spirit that I complete my first post of this blog, typed on my phone’s notepad, all thumbs and slowly dying cell battery.
Just me, doing what I do.